London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week 2017

Wearing the Hi-Vis Jacket Reimagined at London Fashion Week February 2017 (Photo #2) and the Zero Waste Tote Bag at London Fashion Week September 2017 (Photo #3).

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week 2017: Concepts, Style & Inspiration


Delighted to share a new vlog documenting London Fashion Week. Beyond catwalks and trends, I wanted to capture the multicultural aspect of LFW, and also what makes London one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world. 

The video includes some highlights from the International Fashion Showcase presented by Mercedes-Benz as well as the new runway collection at Burberry Makers House.

The best part of the show was meeting some exceptionally talented and truly creative people. Fashion is about self-expression, creativity, innovation, art, culture and above all connections.

Enjoy the vlog!

Paris-London By Kiêu-Hanh