The Original Frenchie Beanie™

This Unique Embroidered Frenchie Beanie Will Keep You Warm And Stylish!


The French Bulldog (Frenchie) has become the city-dwellers’ dog of choice. He is charming, clever, friendly, loyal and has a great personality. The French Bulldog actually originated in England, in the beautiful city of Nottingham. The breed was very popular among lacemakers. However, after the industrial revolution, many lacemakers emigrated to France seeking new opportunities, so they naturally brought their cute little bulldogs with them. The breed was quickly nicknamed ‘Frenchie’.

  • The Original Frenchie Beanie: Unique Handmade Design By 'Paris-London By KH'

  • Premium Embroidered Signature Frenchie Beanie

  • Made in England

  • One Size Fits All

  • Unisex

  • 100% Ultra-Soft Acrylic

  • Non-Itchy On Forehead

  • French Bulldog Beanie Available in: French Navy, Electric Blue, Ash Grey, Midnight Grey, French Mustard & Orange

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‘Absolutely beautiful – very well designed and excellent color and quality!’ (H.J, USA)

I love it. Thank you’ (T.L, USA)

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